Development of websites in WordPress for Danish businesses

Provider of websites and digital solutions throughout Denmark

Webministeriet udvikler WordPress websites i samarbejde med SMV’er, industrivirksomheder, forretningsdrivende og foreninger overalt i Danmark.

New website at a competitive price.

Webministeriet designs inspiring and user-friendly websites for all types of industries. And together we will find the right solution that matches your desires and requirements. We have extensive knowledge and deliver robust solutions made in WordPress – and in a professionally designed web design.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility provides a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their digital accessibility and create inclusive online experiences for all users. We work with web accessibility in WordPress and use AI to optimize website accessibility.

Online Marketing

We work together to increase your visibility on Google with SEO optimization. Via Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we focus on sales and branding. Get it all set up, monitored, optimized, and receive continuous performance reporting.

Henrik Thue Nielsen - Web Creator and Web Designer at Webministeriet Webbureau.

Henrik Thue Nielsen
– get help with web accessibility in WordPress today

Web accessibility in WordPress

By using artificial intelligence (AI), you can make your WordPress website web accessible in a short amount of time. Book Webministeriet to solve the task.

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What can Webministeriet do for you today?

In addition to providing complete web solutions built from scratch, Webministeriet also assists with task solutions and urgent problems that arise. No task is too small or large.

Websites in three sizes and for every budget

Webministeriet Webbureau in Aarhus delivers professional websites and webshops to businesses, featuring modern design and a strong technical solution. Development of websites happens on the world’s largest e-commerce and content management platforms in robust frameworks: WooCommerce and WordPress. Digital platforms that can be scaled according to needs and are easy to work with on a daily basis.

Webministeriet develops websites in three sizes and for any budget: Business Budget, Business Advance and Business Project.

Focus on responsible web design

The objective of Webministeriet is to provide responsible web design that incorporates optimizing the website to leave a reduced CO2 footprint. And with the help of web accessibility, visitors with disabilities such as visual impairments, dyslexia, etc., are invited to have an inclusive visiting experience.

Contact Webministeriet to learn more about how you can get your current WordPress website updated to a more responsible web design – or request a quote for a brand new website.